Importation of Rifles

Rifles can be readily imported into South Africa. Please contact us to ensure that you do have the correct paperwork ready upon arrival in South Africa. We can also assist you in the import process by applying for your import permit prior to arrival in SA. It is however important to note that no semi-automatic or automatic weapons may be imported into SA.

Trophy Preparation

Trophies are field dressed and the choice is with the client to ship it out of South Africa as a raw product or to have the taxidermy work done here in SA. Trophies are prepared by our team of dedicated skinners, who are equally comfortable tracking animals as they are preparing trophies for the taxidermy. Professional Hunters A team of dedicated professional hunters is led by John Faul, Outfitter of Rafiki Safaris. These Professional Hunters understand what John expects of them and they understand the importance of a quality hunt as well as a quality trophy. Our golden rule is “You will not hunt an animal that the Professional Hunter is not prepared to put on his own wall”

Climate and Clothing

Temperatures while on a Southern African Safari can be hot to downright cold. During the winter months, June through August, temperatures as low as 25-35°F can be expected in some parts of the country with highs of 60-70°F. April, May, September and October are warm months, November to March is hot and wet. Temperatures during these months can, in some parts of the country, go up to as high as 110°F. Comfortable safari clothing is advised. Be sure to bring at least one warm jacket and a set of gloves. For the summer months, light shorts and light clothing is advised.


Clients are met on arrival at O.R. Tambo International
(Johannesburg International) Airport and are returned there upon completion of the safari. Hunting is at the clients pace and leisure. The duration of the safari as well as the number of trophies taken is at the discretion of the client. We suggest you bring the largest calibre rifle with which you are comfortable. For any Big Five and Dangerous Game, a .375 is the minimum calibre required by South African Nature Conservation Laws.